Monday, August 4, 2014

DRAMA, what makes a room dramatic! Eye on Design

Eye on Design

What makes a room, a space, a building or home dramatic?  Architecture and paint are my first two choices when developing a design plan.  Each design must include dramatic elements enhanced by the details that balance the space.  A ceiling, the stairs or an arched opening, doorway or window are the perfect backdrop setting the stage for the plan that follows.  All spaces are a stage and each design element a player within it.  One star shines brighter than the others yet never takes the focus from the whole show.

 -- Dorothy Durbin, Interior Designer

Here are some examples of dramatic rooms I have pulled from Pinterest.  What makes them dramatic?  I have my opinion, what do you think???

Let the show begin!!!

The Ceiling, dramatic.

The gold faucet.

The swinging sofa tethered to the ceiling of this amazing front porch.  This veranda is dramatic yet not so fabulous without this dramatic swing.

The reclaimed wood on this swing.

The farm table and benches in a reclaimed wood each with a shiny, almost laquered, black painted base.

The ceiling, amazing.

The chair, why?  it is deliberately placed in a position to be the lead in this play.  The shoes are the act that follows...The windows as well.

I don't think I have to point the drama out here but, the blue stripes on the stairs, nice touch!

The very interesting shape of the arched opening!

That WINDOW!!!

COLOR, the drama of

The Ceiling

The Mirror

The Columns draw the eye up

Posed, Strike one.
Architectural details, well done!

The black window frame, trending and dramatic. fashion design the same theory holds true.  The hat is the drama but does not take away from the photo as a whole.  Editing out what does not belong and including the right elements to create a visual impact.  That is DRAMA!

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