Monday, August 18, 2014


     I have heard the "word" and seen it written in print, Charcoal or DARK Gray is the NEW BLACK?  Fashion Design influences the Interior Design trends. The Pantone of the year first appears in Paris, London and Italy making it's way into all aspects of the clothing industry.  The Interior Design industry is about six months behind.  

     Trending is subjective. Above all else, ones own preference should dictate what colors are used when designing a room or the entire home.  In the Interior Design world, gray may be replacing black as a popular alternative to use for paint, fabric and other textiles it will never trump black.  Black is a standard, classic, timeless color.  Black velvet wing chairs, an ottoman or laquered furniture pieces will never go out of style. I have observed black trimmed doors and windows popping up in all styles of design from traditional to contemporary.  It is indeed so classic it does have staying power.  Gray is also classic yet defining an entire room with gray trim will not stand the test of time.  

     I suggested my client paint the doors in his foyer as well as the railing a color just shy of black.  A dark, graphite gray.  It is beautiful.  It was the right shade of gray.  This brings me to my main point. Black is black.  The many shades of gray can lead to confusion and costly mistakes.  Stick with the classic black and add gray in small amounts.  The result, a interior space well defined and standing the test of the trending times.  

     Here are some examples of classic black used in design as well as shades of gray.  Can you tell the difference?  

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