Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The winds of Autumn's change...EYE ON DESIGN

  In Washington D.C. this week the cool winds are blowing the orange leaves off the trees.  As I walk my dog I glance at a tree so brilliant I say, "a camera could never capture this beauty I see at this moment."  I cannot take this with me.

   I have always said beauty and inspiration is everywhere.  I don't take it with me when I see or find it but, I carry it somewhere in what I refer to often as the blender in my creative mind.  The leaves are swirling around in the back yard as I type this.  Kind of like a blender...The rain is drying up the damp ground preparing us for another brilliant autumn day in Washington.  

   What inspires you in Autumn?

    Orange has caught my attention.

 Images above from Pinterest

Thank you for looking at my EYE ON DESIGN!


Sunday, September 7, 2014

"WALLS" A trending story. Up against a wall... EYE ON DESIGN

     Walls are one of the most important elements to consider when designing a space.  Color or the lack of sets the stage for the furnishings to follow.  Always consider the ceiling as one of the walls.  White is my standard go to for ceilings.  That said, I make exceptions in every home.  A powder room, master bedroom or library are great places to try a bold ceiling color or pattern.  I recently came across a photo shoot of a space mostly painted white.  It was a bedroom enhanced by gray and white stripes on the ceiling.  The gray was repeated on the wall  with some graphics. Simple statement but a dramatic impact.  

     WALLS...can be used to lean a ladder against, hang hooks, construct built ins, mount fabric, artwork, reclaimed wood and the list goes on...

     What caught my designing eye this week?  Walls transformed into art.  With fabric, frames or applications, all add a sublime statement to a space.  Here are some ideas... Drapes framing a rooms windows become part of the wall. Unique hand painting,wall paper of enlarged photography and appliques.  The possibilities are endless. Most can be changed with a small amount of effort without completely redesigning the space. 

     I have an idea about what I want to put on my wall this fall...can you guess?  What peaks your interest?

A lot going on in here, notice the wall mural on the back wall.
Architectural photos are a great way to deliver high impact without blowing the budget.

Leaning art up against a wall.  Very nice.


Paris livens up a white space.

The ever unique Flavor Paper

Flavor Paper

Wall Art in many forms...

Scrabble Art!!!

Every family needs a list of rules iterated, even if their are none...This wall art would say:
 "no rules here, be free to be"

Perhaps a SELFIE WALL?

I love the graphics stacked this way in
 black and white reverse.

Bricks and sticks.


A headboard made out of art.


I cannot get enough of these ladders up against the wall.  Notice the art leaning against the wall behind the ladder on the floor.

A handy storage solution and artistic touch.

My favorite use, the blanket holder.


I first say my sister in law Jane do this many years ago.  A woman clearly ahead of her design time.

Love the turkish towels.

Shoes always need storage and
they are now art as well.

Up against a wall I see all the possibilities to be. What do I want to put on my wall?  Guess and you shall receive a complimentary design consultation from me,
Dorothy Durbin, Interior Designer with an EYE ON DESIGN