Saturday, November 30, 2013

Vintage Chic ---- The Eclectic Design in D.C.

This year I have witnessed the emergence of a chic, eclectic style I call "Vintage Hip".  This style is a combination of great finds from Antique shops, Auctions and every other venue including Craig's List.  The Washington D.C. area has many new vintage shops popping up in the city and the suburbs of Maryland and Virginia.  The retirement of the baby boomers is the reason so much furniture being sold off at Estate Sales and the Auctions.   No shortage will exist when hunting for great vintage finds.  Furniture, china, silverware and glass items are all on my radar screen.  Architectural salvage yards are few an far between but, The Lucketts Store in Loudoun County. Virginia has many great pieces. I have posted some below.  Integration of new and old pieces into a cohesive design is the goal.  This is Vintage chic, I think it is REFAB!!!

Winter's Vintage Vibe

The Tea Cart, if you find one, buy it.

Old books and magazines

Chic and fabulous.  A mix of many styles, results....Divine Design

The claw foot tub, a vintage mantle and a modern, mid-century chair.  

Vintage Chic, Vintage Hip, whatever it is, it is here to stay.

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  1. Its Brilliant idea for interior designing.Vintage interiors is so good.


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