Monday, May 13, 2013

Vintage Hip! Art, Furniture, Architecture

Vintage Hip!  I am a bit of both.  My design preference has always been eclectic.  Shopping for a combination of new and used furniture, textiles and other items including wood for new construction is my love.  Antique auctions, classic architecture combined with a modern twist conveys the perfect balance in a home or office.  Most of us have inherited pieces we love from our parents, grandparents etc.  The ability to combine these items with a new sofa, reupholstered chairs and newly painted, refurbished pieces is magical!  Every space I design is a reflection of the clients lives.  How they want to live and what they love is my first consideration.  Transforming a home, room or a piece of furniture is always rewarding.  Before and after shots of any area tell the story.  Below are some of my favorite items transformed along with the spaces they "live" in. Washington D.C. is a great place to find vintage pieces.  A recent trip to Philadelphia left me wanting more.... The thrill of the hunt keeps me on the road, literally.


The Philadelphia Museum of Art

Fabric Samples and Paint!


This mirror was not in very good shape when I found it but it looks good now!

If in doubt, get the staple gun out!

This desk is now on a theatre stage in Maryland.

Annie Sloan French Grey Paint can transform many pieces with a little work.
Auction finds!

Art Nouveau

A birthday gift for a very good friend who shares my love of all that is vintage.

A little gold paint makes a huge difference!

This was a scrap piece of fabric.

Vintage cabinets updated with glass tile and stainless appliances.

Lighting changes everything!
This piece was designed for a nine year old girl.  She loves it and she is my niece, Kelly!

Beveled mirror doubles a lamp shade!