Saturday, March 30, 2013

Upholstery, paint, furniture, change...

I have designed homes, rooms within homes and combined rooms in homes.  What does that really mean?  Rooms are generally defined by walls.  Put a wall up in a space, one room becomes two.  Often this is done because more space is needed.  At times it is done because a room is so large it may appear to be the answer to a cohesive design.  I observe a space assigning areas within the square footage.  Many rooms are best served with two seating areas or a seating area, a desk area and maybe a reading nook.  This requires furniture.  Upholstered furniture defines a rooms space.  Color and pattern repetition bring harmony to a living space.  Here are some colorful favorites I have put together on my FAB ON THE FABRIC search.

This chaise is beautiful in a plain linen but, it could be fabulous in a colorful fabric.

And...this chaise with the skirt has so many possibilities...

I so need this truck!!!  Furniture rehab is my obsession!

Morrocan Design and other inspirations!

Charlotte Moss

This room was designed to be durable and dog friendly!

Pillows, accent and comfort for every room!

Tory Burch Fabric, FAB!!!

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