Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Painting and Upholstering Furniture is on my mind...

If in doubt, get the spray paint out.  Anyone that knows me well is aware of my obsession, painting old furniture. I have recently discovered Annie Sloan Paint. This is feeding my obsession for rehab of furniture.
 I see an old chair or sofa and dream of what it could be if it was redesigned and reupholstered.  I have a lot of fabric samples I sue to recover small chairs and hunt for great fabric at a fair price for the larger pieces.  Finding used furniture and bringing it to life again is an art and a passion.  This is also a great way to recycle, reduce and reuse.  I cannot believe how many pieces of furniture I have dragged from a pile waiting for the landfill.  NOT GOOD!   Alas this is not my only motivation just a huge benefit.  Inspiration is everywhere I look.  Here are some images that inspire me.  Perhaps they will inspire you.  Many of the pictures are my work.  

Nothing makes a statement like COLOR!

My latest project just returned from the upholsterer.

This is a BEFORE, look below at the after!!!

The AFTER!!! I love this sofa.  My upholsterer always makes my dreams come true!

Gold paint can transform a chair, coffee table and a mirror!!!

White painted legs on the chair
This is such a pretty chair!

A tufted ottoman in a fabulous closet, perfect!

I had two of these chairs but I sold them.  I wish I had taken a photo of them before I painted and reupholstered them.
This chair is reupholstered in a black suede.  Very nice!  Sometimes I think...I should sign my furniture, Designer, Dorothy Durbin
So many pieces have gone out in to the world with my mark on them.  I like knowing I had a part in making something beautiful and useful.

The chairs above are amazing!
One of my favorite vignettes, an old painted desk with patina and an equally charming chair in pink!
Photo from The Stylish Patina
The awesome double bed!

This chair is at The Stylish Patina in Falls Church, Virginia.  Their new store location opened this past weekend.  Many fabulous pieced of vintage furniture and, Annie Sloan Paint, I LOVE IT!


The vanity below is a beautiful blue green/turquoise color.  
The lavender chair works so well with the vanity.  The Stylish Patina is a treat to visit!

Here are some other photos of the items in the shop this past weekend.  

The sideboard on the left is painted in The Annie Sloan Paris Grey color.  This is a light grey that works well in a room of painted and wood furniture. The shutter on the wall is so cool!

My Uncle took me down to his old basement in Washington D.C. last summer.  He said, Dorcie, that is my nickname, this is Aunt Giggy's chair.  I will give it to you to repair as long as you promise to keep it in the family.  It is safe with me Uncle B!  I repainted and reupholstered the chair.  I think my Aunt Giggy would approve of my paint and fabric choices.

I am close to obtaining my fine arts degree in design.   From the architectural structure of a space outside and inside to all of the parts that go in to making a house a home, I am dedicated to making each and every space I design the very best place for my clients to reside.

Thank you for reading my blog, Dorothy

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