Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mod Squad ALERT!!!!

The Egg Chair, One of my FAVORITES!

   The past two years we have seen a resurgence in a style filled with iconic furniture pieces from some of the greatest architects and designers of the 20th century.  The style is Mid Century Modern.  This style is fabulous, fun and flexible.  A room can be simple, achromatic and sparsely furnished with a couple of Womb chairs and the Noguchi coffee table or select pieces from the Mid Mod designs can be integrated into an existing room with traditional furniture for a more eclectic style.

The Regency Shop is one of my favorite on-line sources for Mid Century Modern pieces. For more fabulous MOD ideas go to RegencyShop.com.

The Ball Chair
The Womb Chair
The Noguchi Coffee Table

The Ghost Chair
I love all of these pieces.  The Ghost Chair looks great as a set of four around a more traditional dining table.  This brings an instantly updated look to the space.  The clear lucite is excellent for small spaces as well.  

I heard a great quote recently from the movie Sex and the City, "I am cheating on fashion with furniture."  As a Interior Designer and curator of furniture of all kinds, I admit, I am guilty of this.  

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