Friday, July 27, 2012

Apple Green with Envy and Orange U CRAY ZEE?

Color is hot! I keep thinking about painting my foyer and dining room an apple green.  I spray painted some items to pull the green into my family room as a test.  Green it is!  Not any color green, a citron green, an apple green, a beautiful color of green inspired by nature. I have said for many years, "Green brings the outside in.  If you paint the walls in a room with windows, the foliage connects with the color of the interior."  Orange is another color on my mind this week. The orange sunsets I photography inspire me.  I will find a room to give orange the power it can spread around a space.  Color is hot, even a little in a neutral space can infuse energy and inspiration.  Below is a compilation of examples.  What talks to you!

Orange U Cray Zee about this sofa? 

Just a touch of green.

Fabric, so many choices, look at that color!

Vanderbilt Mansion from a trip by Slim Paley.  The green in this photo is very inspiring.

The New Navy looks great with the Key Lime color.

The Green Door!

Garden stools make a statement.

Chairs make a statement.

This is amazing!

This is the room that I will add green accents to. 

My Inspirations, green and orange

modwalls is my tile of choice.  Color and style are sleek, colorful and they are a great company to work with!
Mod tile from

modwalls is amazing.  They have so many great ideas and tile products to transform a white kitchen like the one above into a MOD kitchen!

I love the orange lamp shades.

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