Sunday, July 29, 2012


Last weekend I took a trip to IKEA with my client.  We are nearing the end of a long project, the design and construction of a 10,000 square foot home outside of Washington D.C.  It has been great fun which is a good thing since it is my job and I enjoy it immensely.  We went to IKEA to purchase some mirrors for the secondary bathrooms.  The store carries a nice line of beveled mirrors for damp environments like bathrooms.  These mirrors come in many shapes and sizes.  Looking at the higher end mirrors at other vendors and then choosing these saved a lot of money.  In the end, a design plan is all about the budget. Below are many displays from our trip to the Virginia store.  Low prices and some high quality items.  The mirrors will be perfect over the vanities.  Photos coming soon when the home is complete.  This is my HIGH LOW project!

The modern bathroom
First stop, the fabric.  Many deals here.

Unique lighting options

I love these, I hope to use them in a home in the future.

Drum beat

LED lighting has made this and many other designs possible.

This panel lighting is unique.

A very cute little girls room with pink lamps on the wall.

This desk is very cool!

The Green paint color on the walls looks great with the furniture.

The Photographer

Great price for the trendy Lucite chair.


The table top is a tray that lifts off.  I love the spindle legs.



I love this room and Audrey Hepburn steals the show!

A ladies room, Hollywood Regency/Mod.

This console is a beautiful color gray.

Look closely, a woman was standing in the room shopping.  I guess she likes that color a lot!

Pillow talk

All photography by Dorothy Durbin

Green and citrus colors are the trend right now.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Apple Green with Envy and Orange U CRAY ZEE?

Color is hot! I keep thinking about painting my foyer and dining room an apple green.  I spray painted some items to pull the green into my family room as a test.  Green it is!  Not any color green, a citron green, an apple green, a beautiful color of green inspired by nature. I have said for many years, "Green brings the outside in.  If you paint the walls in a room with windows, the foliage connects with the color of the interior."  Orange is another color on my mind this week. The orange sunsets I photography inspire me.  I will find a room to give orange the power it can spread around a space.  Color is hot, even a little in a neutral space can infuse energy and inspiration.  Below is a compilation of examples.  What talks to you!

Orange U Cray Zee about this sofa? 

Just a touch of green.

Fabric, so many choices, look at that color!

Vanderbilt Mansion from a trip by Slim Paley.  The green in this photo is very inspiring.

The New Navy looks great with the Key Lime color.

The Green Door!

Garden stools make a statement.

Chairs make a statement.

This is amazing!

This is the room that I will add green accents to. 

My Inspirations, green and orange

modwalls is my tile of choice.  Color and style are sleek, colorful and they are a great company to work with!
Mod tile from

modwalls is amazing.  They have so many great ideas and tile products to transform a white kitchen like the one above into a MOD kitchen!

I love the orange lamp shades.