Sunday, February 5, 2012

I see Fab in February!

February brings the promise of Spring.  We are experiencing the warmest winter here on the East Coast of the United States I can remember.  I heard someone say, we probably won't get any snow this year.  Well, I have lived in Washington D.C. long enough to know the blizzard could be a week away or, maybe not.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from designs I am currently working on.  Themes are, Teal blue, Aquamarine hues of color, Concrete in many forms and loft living.  Have a Fab...Day!

Z Gallerie

Concrete can be almost anything you desire!

Loft Living

A room with many views...

All reupholstered furniture designed by Dorothy Durbin!  I love furniture REHAB!

The coffee table books, perfect!

A room with a view and plenty of sunshine streaming in.  Interior Design by Dorothy Durbin


  1. Dorthy, good job on this room! I love the feel of it, so light and airy but warm...

  2. Thank you Amber. I have done more work on the room. More to be revealed!


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