Thursday, August 25, 2011

White and Black and Gray and Brown used in Design. Spotted in Fashion and Interiors

I have always been a fan of black and white.  It is crisp, clean and bold when used together.  When I see a room designed with black, white, gray, beige and brown colors it appears sleek, simple, crisp and modern.  The best part about these colors is, you can add pops of red, orange, blue or yellow to liven the room up without changing what already exists. These neutral colors ( an achromatic color scheme) are the basis for many great designs.  I see a steel gray suede couch in my future! A foundation to build upon it always the place to start.  In fashion the same is true.  A little black dress can be beautiful by itself or with a strand of pearls.  To liven the look up, add a shocking red wrap for a FAB dot dot dot look!  Enjoy my pics! Dorothy

Kate Spade Plates
Anthropologie, photograph by Dorothy Durbin
Bride and Groom, Photograph courtesy of Stephen Ward
Woman with branch, artist unknown
The Vase Chandelier

Mesh screen wall in an elevator
Dorothy Durbin
Architecture in many forms, photograph by Dorothy Durbin

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DWELL Studio

Dwell Studio

A photo of fabric layers in brown hues
Dwell Studio

Kat Burki Chair

Moroccan Pouf
Familiar Stranger by Linnea Heide
Alice Lane
Black House White Market
Nordstrom Fall Trends

Black House White Market

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