Friday, January 23, 2015

Pattern Play - Eye On Design

     Pattern Play...It is always easier to change out the smaller "details" in a room instead of the larger upholstered pieces.  Choosing a busy fabric pattern for a sofa is risky.  WHY???  It is not easy to change a rooms decor once you commit to a busy pattern on a lead piece in the room.  By choosing a neutral fabric for the sofa, the walls, drapery, rugs and pillows can be changed by season and/or every couple of years for a refresh.  Reupholstering a large piece of furniture is costly.  It can of course be done if money is not an object but, I rarely see this scenario in the Washington D.C. area.  This said, here are some of my favorite detail pieces to update a space.


Pattern Play --- enjoy refreshing your interior space!  


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The winds of Autumn's change...EYE ON DESIGN

  In Washington D.C. this week the cool winds are blowing the orange leaves off the trees.  As I walk my dog I glance at a tree so brilliant I say, "a camera could never capture this beauty I see at this moment."  I cannot take this with me.

   I have always said beauty and inspiration is everywhere.  I don't take it with me when I see or find it but, I carry it somewhere in what I refer to often as the blender in my creative mind.  The leaves are swirling around in the back yard as I type this.  Kind of like a blender...The rain is drying up the damp ground preparing us for another brilliant autumn day in Washington.  

   What inspires you in Autumn?

    Orange has caught my attention.

 Images above from Pinterest

Thank you for looking at my EYE ON DESIGN!